While most people want to keep pests out of their home, they are also unknowingly doing things that attract pests to their home. These things are simple, but so is changing them.

1. Not Taking Out The Trash

You leave the trash for a few days because it isn’t full, after all, it doesn’t really make sense to empty it before it gets full, right? Actually, pests such as roaches, mice, and flies are all attracted to trash and food waste starts to rot within hours of being thrown into the bin. Try and take out food items as soon as possible, and if you must leave trash, make sure it has a secure fitting lid. Ideally you should select the right pest control services to take out the trash every two days.

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2. Storing Food In Cardboard

While the boxes that food come in from the store are convenient, they are also extremely attractive to bugs and mice. They are easy to chew through, and there is a great reward on the other side. Many people find that their pantry is constantly being invaded by mice and other pests who want to get at the food in these boxes. Store your food in glass or plastic containers, and try to get rid of cardboard boxes as quickly as possible.

3. You Don’t Cover Your Drains

Many pests actually come into your house from the sewers, climbing up pipes after a storm. This can be really gross, and also kind of scary. Put a plug or a strainer in each of your drains to ensure that nothing can come up and infest your home.

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Doing these three little things like Pest Control Dayton Ohio will help keep your home free from pests for years to come. Each little change you make is less of a chance for these bugs to get into your home.