TruGreen is one of the best lawn care companies in the United States. In Dayton, Ohio customers are very pleased with their range of services and the quality the technicians put into every job they do. The TruGreen company in Dayton gets nearly all 5-star reviews for the attention to customer service. It seems that all the service technicians are devoted to making sure that every customer is left completely satisfied with their lawn care.

Hire Professionals To Handle Lawn Problems

Lawn care boils down to a science. Not every homeowner knows exactly how to handle taking care of their grass. Weeds can be a tedious problem that only a trained professional can handle effectively. Mosquitos, fleas, and ticks are also lawn and garden problems as well as pests that can sicken family members, children, and pets. The lawn experts know how to treat lawns properly without hurting the grass, trees or shrubs.

Customer Reviews

Customers leave reviews on a consistent basis and are happy to leave their lawns in the hands of the courteous, knowledgeable, and professional technicians. Many customers state that they appreciate the hints the technicians give them for taking better care of their grass.

For other customers, it is the fact that just one treatment usually has their grass looking stronger and greener. Most customers are so happy with the services from TruGreen that they quickly sign up for one of the many lawn care maintenance plans.

TruGreen’s Services

One customer had the problem of getting TruGreen’s services on a regular basis of about once every five weeks only to have his neighbor’s weed seeds blow onto his yard. The weeds would sprout up in between TruGreen visits but anytime the technician arrived, he would do an upstanding job of searching for them and treating them. He claims to get compliments that his lawn always looks so good it appears to be a golf course.

Other people really love the automatic alerts that they get. They are sent messages about which technician is coming on what day. Anytime they need questions answered, the people in the office are quick to help, too.

Program For Lawn Maintenance

If you ever need to make changes to your program for lawn maintenance, they are easy to make. TruGreen offers absolutely no hassles to any maintenance program changes that customers need to make. With the maintenance programs, you can also be sure that your lawn will look good all season. The technicians always work thoroughly to make sure all trouble spots are given extra care. One customer said he appreciates that they do this and always do the work efficiently.

TruGreen gives great lawn care, pest control and tree and shrub services. They do it all with attention to detail and with care and concern for the customer. They apply all applications to lawns as needed on a regular basis. The prepay plans they offer save customers money, too. People love that they do not have to worry about any payments during the year once they are on a prepaid program. Learn more about lawn care at