When you have restricted space in your home for an office, or even have office space that is limited, you will want to utilize every bit of the area available so that it becomes usable. Desks are often needed for study, space for a laptop, or a table where you can quietly do your office work or pay your bills.

This aim can be achieved by designing the many types of floating desks .

They offer a modern day solution that is at the same time minimalist. It is a design that saves space even in areas that have a limited capacity. You can make such desks smart, attractive, inconspicuous, decorative and yet have a low impact on the utilization of space. A floating desk is one that has no legs and is wall mounted. In this way, you have more leg room, and as the floor area is not occupied, you can create an illusion of space, while having sufficient leg space. Floating desks can also be used as display shelves when they are not being used, and can be designed so that they have slots that manage electrical cords and power points. You can have floating desks that have sliding drawers or open shelves that are convenient for stationery, files and other knick-knacks. Make sure that when you plan drawers or shelves below the desk, it does not restrict the way you sit, and become too cramped. You can avoid this by having the drawers or shelves on the sides, while the central space allows you to sit comfortably, and can also be used to park the chair when you are done working. A well designed floating desk can practically double your working area, while it maintains its low impact on the use of space. Also read more on our website .

Floating desks are fixed to walls

It must have the proper wall studs that will take all the weight on the desk and any work that you do. The top of the desk should be at a proper height that makes it easy for you to work while sitting in the chair that you have chosen. Some floating desks also have separate wall mounted shelves or cupboards, that literally give you a complete office. Some types of floating desks can be made convertible, while the desk itself functions as a door for the wall mounted shelf that is used for storage. In this way, your desk is only pulled down when you are working, while at other times, the entire space is available to you for any other activity. A floating desk that takes advantage of a niche or corner is one that has really utilised your available space.

A floating desk can be used in any situation where you need working space and where you have limited floor area available. Use it to create study desks for the children, an ironing platform for the laundry, and even as a worktop in the kitchen. Floating style of furniture can create an illusion of space even in bathrooms and living rooms. Check out the Desk View .