Say that you worked for a landscaper for a few years and were great at mowing lawns. If you were really smart, you would have taken an interest in the business side. Maybe your boss was your dad and he took you under his wing, showing you how to do more than just adjust the mower.

He showed you how to evaluate the health of the lawn, shrubs, ground cover, and even flowers. He taught you how to know when a tree should be trimmed or cut down. He taught you about the local regional issues, such as which poisonous snakes need to be stopped, and which would benefit the homeowners and their yards.

Expanding A Lawn Care Business

When it came time to start your own business, you knew which lawnmower to buy. You did not have access to any other tools, except a mower and a trailer. You knew how to make money, and have a desire now to expand the lawn care business.

You find that the majority of your clients need some help and have a lot of questions that go well beyond trimming the lawn regularly. Some are wondering if they should get a different species of grass that lies beautifully dormant in colder months and grows lush and green in the warmer months. Either one requires less trimming to save them money and water.

It sounds like you are running yourself out of business, though it is hardly the case. You are expanding to include both consulting, plant recommendations, and even more landscape design work into your business.Start by revising and updating your business plan with a one, five, and ten-year plan. This will make you better able to determine how to roll out services to make a bigger impact with clients.

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