I needed to have my grass cut and with my new job, I just didn’t have the time to do it myself. Usually, I kept up with my own yard work, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to this year. I started looking around for a West Chester Ohio lawn care company that I could hire to mow my grass for me.

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Research Online for Best Lawn Care Companies

I went online and searched for lawn care companies in the area. I found a few listings there, but I knew there were more companies in the area. That’s when I decided to ask my Facebook friends. I had seen some posts about new lawn care companies in the area and I figured that would be the best place for me to look. I posted on my Facebook asking for recommendations for West Chester Ohio lawn care companies. Within just a few minutes, I started receiving posts with recommendations. There were companies mentioned that didn’t show up on the search on Google. I was able to look at the Facebook page for some of these companies and also look at the reviews for them. I read some really great things about one company in particular with the best prices around the area. I contacted them through their Facebook page and was able to set up an appointment to have them take a look at my yard and determine what it would cost.

After talking to them and meeting them in person for the quote, I decided to hire them. They were really nice and were also able to get to my yard the next day. I have been happy with their lawn cutting services and I can see why past clients recommended them for the job.

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