Besides watering and mowing your lawn, you can take other steps to care for it so that it flourishes all year long. Get weeds under control with these hints and watch your lawn become healthier and more beautiful.

Tips to Maintaining Your Lawn All Year

Watering the lawn helps moisture get into the soil but make sure that it is done at the right time of day. If you water at night, the moisture stays on the blades and can promote diseases. Water early in the morning so that the sun can dry the blades. Be certain that the soil is completely saturated. You can take a soup can and place it on the lawn as the sprinklers run. When it has about a half an inch of water in it, you can be sure the soil has received the moisture it needs.

Stop weeds by using herbicides and by pulling them up with your hands. Dandelions proliferate by sending their seeds off in the wind and onto other spots on your lawn. If you pull them up by hand, you get a jump start on stopping them. Add an herbicide to this and you will have a weed-free lawn. Use the herbicide during the spring. Also, use granular products on existing weeds but apply it in the early morning so that dew will help kill off the weeds. Or you can also Find A Quality Lawn Care Company In Ohio for maintaining your lawn.

Importance of Mowing

Mow your lawn properly by ensuring that your mower blades are sharp. Adjust the level of the blades during the year. Keep them higher in the summer and lower in the fall. As you mow, be sure that the blades of grass are only coming off at about 1/3 of the total height of the blade so that the grass grows thick. Thicker growing grass also keeps weeds away.

Do not cut the lawn too short at any time. Taller grass shades the soil so that the watering you have done will get through it more thoroughly. Tall grass also keeps any moisture from escaping. In the autumn, mow the lawn using a lowered cutting deck. This keeps snow from accumulating on the grass in the winter.

These are simple ways to care for your lawn like hire ohio lawn care companies who can take care of your lawn all year long. Follow them and watch your grass grow more beautifully every month throughout the year. If you need help caring for your lawn, consult with and hire your local lawn care professionals.