If you want your lawn to look its best, it is important to provide it with the right nutrients. After a long, cold winter, your grass begins the slow process of waking up and starting to grow again. During this time, it can benefit from extra nutrients. Applying fertilizer can help make your grass thick, healthy, and strong so that it is better able to face any challenges that come its way.

When it comes to choosing the best lawn fertilizer for spring, there isn’t an easy answer. It really depends on a number of different factors. For instance, the type of grass that you have and the area of the country where you live both come into play when determining which fertilizer will work best for your lawn.

A good example of this can be seen with lawns located in the northern part of the country. These lawns tend to get infested with crabgrass. Choosing a multi-benefit fertilizer that will not only fertilize the soil but will also help kill off crabgrass can help ensure that your lawn looks amazing all summer long.

Lawn Care Problems

In the southern part of the country, there are multi-benefit fertilizers that are designed to address the specific lawn care problems that homeowners face in the south. It is important to do research on which fertilizers are recommended most for your area. You can find this information online or you can contact your county extension office to ask for advice and recommendations.

Most experts recommend applying fertilizer early in the spring. In general, it can be applied anywhere from February through April. A good rule of thumb is to apply fertilizer about the time that you notice that your lawn needs mowing for the first time after the winter weather has ended.

If necessary, you can also feed your lawn a second time, applying additional fertilizer later in the spring. Try to wait approximately one and a half to two months between fertilizer applications. For instance, if you applied your initial round of fertilizer in March, you should apply the second round sometime in May.

Best Lawn Fertilizer

Whatever fertilizer you decide to buy, you should follow the instructions carefully. Most manufacturers provide detailed tips and instructions on how to apply the product to get the best results. Because each type of fertilizer varies, you should always follow these directions closely. That way, you can be sure that you get great results. There is no need to guess how to apply the product when you have instructions right at your fingertips.

Once you decide on the best lawn fertilizer for spring, you should also make sure you choose the right application method. Most lawn fertilizers come in a granular form. Because of that, they are usually applied using a spreader. There are, however, liquid fertilizers available, as well.

Be sure to research which application method is the most effective for the particular type of fertilizer that you choose for your lawn. As long as you do everything correctly, you should be able to enjoy a beautiful, lush lawn all season long. To know more visit the website https://ziehlerlawncare.com.