A healthy lawn is the one that has lush green smooth carpet, ideal for croquet and cartwheels. If your lawn does not look like that then you have to revolutionize your mindset. In golf, a famous there is a famous saying that goes, “Be the ball”. In the context of maintaining the lawn, we can say, “Be the soil”. You must reflect about what the grass or soil actually needs. The basics are quite simple: water, sun, and fertilizer. When you get these essential components down, everyone is pleased, you as well as your lawn. Following are some of the fruitful practices to get you started.

Setting the Soil

Planting a lawn is more of an alluring adventure: planning and preparation are the keys. Regardless of the planting method you opt, you require to put the area in order systematically; with the intention to send away the weeds and making sure that the soil will not compact into lumps and crust over right away. One of the most important steps that many a gardener skip is the testing of soil pH. This may seem a harass, however, testing soil pH will prevent you from heavy financial loss. Get the pH tested from agricultural universities or laboratories. Take start by stripping the region of the entire weeds, involving roots. After that, rototill to the depth of six inches at least with the intention to improve drainage and loosen compaction. It is essential to add the compost and loam for the soil enrichment. Experts suggest that equal quantities of sand, loam and original topsoil work better. Incorporating a bit of a slope will help you in preventing pooling plus it will facilitate the drainage. Lastly, employ roller for packing the soil down and grade the region with the metal rake. Keep in mind, once the seed is put down, it is not likely to reverse and regrade.


The quickest and finest way to the beautiful lawn is to roll out the sod carpet. However, this method is not cheap, especially if the lawn has a large region. The other methods of seeding include hydro-seeding and hand-seeding.  In hydro-seeding, the mix of seed varieties mixed for the climate plus usage type – is blended into the pulp composed of virgin fibers of wood, binding agents, and fertilizer.


Aeration or air supply is also essential. When the soil gets too much compacted, the nutrients are not likely to get to the roots where they are needed most. Then you have to aerate the soil in which you will poke holes in the soil with the intention to perk up oxygen circulation. The simplest of the method you can employ is just walk around in the sports spiked shoes.