You’ve likely read about standing desks in recent months and how they’re really catching on in offices across the country. Google, for instance, invested heavily in standing desks for their employees and if you check with any major retailer, you’ll notice quite a few standing desk models to choose from.

But do they work? Are they worth the money you’ll spend? The reviews are in for these oddly-configured desks and consumers and physicians alike agree: they really are good for you. Here are a few of the reasons why.

1. Sitting For Too Long Is Harmful To Your Heart

The human heart is a muscle and as such, requires exercise just like the rest of your body. Sitting all day means your heart is at rest and that’s not good for you.

2. You Increase Your Chances Of Developing Diabetes By Lingering On Your Posterior

Diabetes has become an epidemic in America and it’s thought to sometimes be the result of a sedimentary lifestyle. Get on your feet for a few hours every day, as opposed to remaining seated for 8 hours, and you’ll reduce your risk of diabetes.

3. You’re Probably Going To Gain Weight Sitting At A Desk All Day

Standing burns more calories than sitting, even if you’re not doing much else and remaining in a chair all day can slow your metabolism; both of which are very likely to lead to weight gain – which, in turn, increases your odds of unhealthy conditions even more. Know how to Design a Floating Desk to Suit Your Needs  .

4. Just Sitting There Hurts Your Back

If you’re coming home from work each night with an aching back, think about how you’re sitting all day. A standing desk will very likely help you in reducing the amount of aches and pains in your back.

5. You May Raise Your Risk Of Cancer By Not Standing

Unfortunately, doctors are learning that sitting around all day may raise the risk for cancer in some people. Why take that chance? Start reading standing chair reviews, so you can find the most suitable model for you.

6. Long-Term Chronic Pain Is Common For Those Who Don’t Take A Stand

Conditions such as arthritis are more likely to afflict people who are idle more often than not. Once you have some type of arthritis, it’s even more difficult to get up and get the exercise you need.

7. Idleness Could Contribute To Dementia

While the exact cause(s) of dementia aren’t completely understood, more and more scientists are leaning toward idleness, both of the body and mind, as a leading factor.

8. Remaining Seated For Long Periods Erases The Benefits Of Exercise

If you are one of the people who go out of their way to exercise a few times a week, great for you; however, sitting all day can quickly dissolve the benefits of heading to the gym.

9. Rising At Your Desk Can Reduce Anxiety

A little exercise and improved blood flow, which you get at a standing desk, could work to minimize your anxiety symptoms and that’s certainly worth standing up for.

10. Standing Frequently May Even Prolong Your Life

One of the most sobering statistics of sitting all day, nearly every day, is that it may shorten your life. That alone is reason enough to start looking at standing desks.

Hard-working people just like you are discovering just how effective standing desks can be at maintaining health in both the long and short-term. Invest in one yourself and you’ll notice a significant difference in how you feel, not to mention improving your statistical health for the rest of your life. Check out .